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A difference in having water filter in daily life

We are excited to launch our water shower filter to protect and enhance your skin. The key to smooth, silky soft skin is WATER. 

Benefits of Shower Filter

Tropical Retreat

Filter Chlorine

Remove chlorine up to 98%

Many know that chlorine is harmful to skin. We know that chlorine is added into swimming pool waters which makes our skin and hair dry. It strips our protective natural oil from our skin. 

But do you know that it is added to our tap water which we use to shower daily? Yes it is added due to Chlorination process to disinfect and kill germs in water.

After chlorine has done its job in disinfecting and killing germs in tap water, we recommend filtering out chlorine when we shower, making water less harsh and leaving skin feeling hydrated.

Homemade Skin Care

Moisturized skin

Silky soft skin

With filtering chlorine, removal of rust and harmful chemicals in our shower water, it leaves our skin softer and more hydrated.

Benefits besides soft hydrated skin ;

  • improves hair condition to smooth, shiny and healthier hair

  • relieves stress

  • prevents bacterial growth and fungus

  • improves overall energy and mood

High quality and certified filter system bring shower to a relaxing experience with aroma therapy to awaken your senses. 

It is suitable for ;

  • dry itchy skin

  • eczema

  • dandruff

  • baby and elderly

  • pregnant ladies

  • pets shower

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Removal of Rust & Chemical

Safe and Happy shower

Providing a clean, safe and happy shower

  • Removes impurities in water

  • Inhibits growth of mold, fungi, algae

  • Removes harmful chemicals 

  • Removes heavy metals such as mercury and lead

Skin Care

Antioxidant & Vitamin C

Younger & Fresher skin

The presence of Vitamin C containing antioxidant help to shield skin from free radicals that causes skin to age. The result of water filter with Vitamin C make skin looking hydrated, fresher and younger.

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